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        Since Shanghai Jiaoxi Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd was Established, the training of laser marking machines, cutting machines and engraving machines has not only gained the recognition of customers, but also gained their high praise and recognition.

        Training Purpose

                 Our training courses provide different levels of training courses for products of different industries, so that customers can use our equipment more effectively and improve the service efficiency and service life of the machine.
        Training Content:
             1. Laser Marking Machine 
                 The Principles of laser  marking machine, selection of marking machine,  marking steps of common products, arc-shaped marking,QR-CODE marking, graduated scale marking, automatic marking, Commonly used marking parameter range explanation,Marking machine troubleshooting, The making of hollow characters and vector drawing etc
            2. Laser Cutting Machine
                The Principle of cutting machine, selection of cutting machine, explanation of paper, leather and acrylic cutting parameters, Laser cutting machine troubleshooting, The making of hollow characters and vector drawing, etc
            3. Cnc Router
               The principle of cnc router , selection of cnc router , common engraving, relief, circular engraving , troubleshooting etc.
        Training object: marking machine, cutting machine and cnc router  equipment operators, managers, technical personnel .
        Training location: NO.8787 Hutai Road ,Baoshan industrial park ,Shanghai 

        Phone: +86 21-56870937
        Phone: +86 18121238823 Fax: +86 21-56870937
        Email: jerry@shjxlaser.com
        Zip Code: 200949
        Address: No. 8787, hutai road, baoshan district, Shanghai

        @2018 Shanghai Jiaoxi Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd ,All rights reserved

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