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      1. Chinese
        After-Service: we provide the completely Solutions ,not only a laser marking machine 
                1. Machine match with English version manual instruction & operation CD (easy to learn )
             ■  2. Provide online support, like whatsapp,video conference & phone call (guide step by step) 
             ■  1. Training in jiaoxi workshops (for free) 
             ■  2. Training in buyers company (for charge,normally one or two days enough) 
                     1st day: inspection cable connection, guide customer know each components name and functions as well,do Demo and teach user how to use machine step by step 
                    2nd day: See the buyer operating the machine separately and review all operation step and learn each parts maintenance method.  
             ■  1. Before delivery :Special QC department check carefully ensure all is qualified with high quality 
             ■  2. Through see customer actual photos or short video, using discussed group or email or video meeting  or phone call give solutions immediately 
             ■  3. Use remote  monitor to inspection 
             ■  4. Dispatch engineer go to customer workshops onsite  
             ■  1. During the warranty: free replace the Damaged or broke part by non-human causes
                2. Over warranty :just pay components cost price, we have safety stock for all parts 
             ■  3. Software updated lifetime for free when jiaoxi have new vesion
             ■  4. For simple operation issue, through whatsapp/video/phone call deal with directly 
             ■  5. For difficult issue, invite engineer to help you repair or debugging onsite 
             ■  6. We also can provide 365 days 24 hours online technical support

        Phone: +86 21-56870937
        Phone: +86 18121238823 Fax: +86 21-56870937
        Email: jerry@shjxlaser.com
        Zip Code: 200949
        Address: No. 8787, hutai road, baoshan district, Shanghai

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